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Unparalleled Peace of Mind: Nurse Concierge Services

At Opulent Kare, we understand the importance of providing a comprehensive approach to postoperative recovery. Our personalized concierge services go beyond traditional care to address your physical well-being, emotional needs, and effective communication with your loved ones.

Our team of experienced professionals serves as a bridge between you, your family, and your physician, ensuring accurate and efficient conveyance of critical information.

Contact Opulent Kare for Luxurious Post-Operative Recovery Aftercare in Houston, TX, Suite, Housing, Accommodations

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Manual lymphatic drainage, massage, is a gentle, non-invasive skin manipulation technique that encourages lymphatic fluid flow and drainage.

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Personalized Care Plans and Services for Your Unique Surgery Recovery

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Keri Freeman White, MBA,BSN, RN

As a mom who underwent a mommy makeover, I truly understand. Founding Opulent Kare, our concierge-style nursing services, stemmed from my conviction in elevating the postsurgical aftercare experience. Being a seasoned Registered Nurse and a recipient of cosmetic surgery, I grasp the dual perspective of patient and licensed professional. My goal is to offer a comprehensive, proactive approach to cosmetic aftercare management.

Meet Keri, about the Owner, the driving force behind Opulent Kare, a dedicated concierge-style nursing service tailored for individuals who have undergone cosmetic surgery.


Can I start a service without a consult first?

Every service, except for Lymphatic Drainage, mandates a comprehensive consultation. This ensures that every client not only comprehends the process's expectations, pricing, and advantages, but also guarantees that we collectively meet the prerequisites to cater to your service needs.

Is a consultation required for Nursing and Lymphatic Drainage.

Unlike our other services, for Lymphatic Drainage you do not need a consultation prior. You may use our direct book now link on our website.

are you a recovering home?

No, we are not a recovering home.

What are the steps to follow after I've submitted a consultation request?

Kindly grant us a minimum of 24 hours to respond to your email. Occasionally, we experience a high volume of inquiries, but rest assured, we will acknowledge your message and provide clear guidance for your post-operative journey. Additionally, please take a moment to review our business hours outlined below for your reference.