A skilled nurse or therapist performing a lymphatic drainage massage on a client's arm to encourage natural lymph flow and promote relaxation.
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Bathing Assistance
We assist with the everyday activities like bathing that may prove difficult so you can focus on healing.
Care Coordination
Ensuring everyone is in line with recovery process, as indicated by the surgeon.
Caregiver Education
Providing clients with complete knowledge and understanding of the aspects of their recovery.
Drain Management
Ensuring that drains are removed as practicable to reduce a source of risk infection.
Full Body Assessment
Offering continuous evaluation ensuring no complications arise elsewhere within the body.
Garment Assistance
Assistance in putting on and removing garments as movement may be limited, and care must be taken to avoid aggravating wounds.
Location Setup
A location set-up for a post-operative recovery aftercare business involves creating a comfortable and safe environment for clients who require specialized care and support during their healing process.
Meal Preparation
Post-recovery meal prep is about planning and preparing easy-to-digest, nutrient-rich meals to aid healing and offer convenience for individuals after surgery or medical procedures.
Mediation Schedule
Ensuring medication is taken correctly and in a timely matter as prescribed.
Medication Administration
Ensuring medication is taken correctly and in a timely matter as prescribed.
Pain Management
Pain control is a priority, and we will make every effort to relieve any pain that may occur safely.
Supply Packages
Supply packages for post-operative recovery aftercare can include a variety of essential items to help patients during their healing process.
Surgery Day Pickup
We aid in hospital discharge, ensuring a seamless transition to your destination for a comfortable healing process.
Vital Sign Assessment
Essential in ensuring there are no complications post-operation.